Ann Coulter says Mitch McConnell is 'broken-down old man' - wants him OUT in November

OUCH! Ann Coulter is roasting Mitch McConnell for being an old Republican and she wants him OUT of office. Coulter said "Mitch McConnell is a broken-down old man owed by cheap labor lobbyists" and pushed her support for Kobach.

She further stated on Twitter that she still wants a Republican Senate, just without Mitch McConnell, who she referred to as a traitor.

Oh Snap. Now she says Mitch McConnell is worse than John McCain, who isn't exactly around anymore.

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Oh Jeez, here's another! This time she conjures Charlie Brown playing football.

Not sure what got into this shrew, but Ann Coulter is starting the fire like Billy Joel in the 90's and lighting up the replies on social media, that's for sure.

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