Anthony 'The Mooch' Scaramucci forming team to take down Trump

Anthony Scaramucci is forming a team of formed Cabinet members to go against Trump and find a Republican to challenge him in 2020's presidential election. The former White House communications director, who only lasted about two weeks on the job, has been speaking out about President Donald Trump and wants others to join him.

As quoted on The Hill, Scaramuuci said on CNN that "I'm in the process of putting together a team of people that feel the exact same way that I do. This is not a ‘Never Trump’ situation, this is not just screeching rhetoric. This is, 'OK, the guy's unstable, everyone inside knows it, everyone outside knows it, let’s see if we can find a viable alternative."

The "Mooch" also said to CNN "I’ve got to get some of these former Cabinet officials in unity to speak up about it."


It is unclear who Scaramuuci is talking to, as The Hill reports he would not reveal the names of any former officials, but that he expects more people to join his team and come out with this in the next few months.

"I predict in middle or late fall there will be a trove of people that will come together in unity to say this is what’s going on. This is how the person’s acting. This is why there’s nobody inside the White House he’s taking any advice from."

It also remains unclear who, if anyone, Scaramuuci might be talking to as a possible Republican candidate to challenge Trump.


Anthony Scaramucci has been speaking out against Trump in the last few weeks and seems to be on quite the path of criticism.

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