Antifa Professor Fired For Calling Students Future Dead Cops

Michael Isaacson, a self described supporter of anti-fascism and anarchist adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has been placed on administrative leave following public outcry and demands for him to be removed for his inflammatory statements about teaching future dead cops.

Isaacson most recently said via social media that "some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops" and the general public was not very happy about it.


Yes, an actual professor at a criminal justice college really said that.  As one might imagine, now it's time to pay the piper for his disgusting words.  The Mayor of New York City DiBlasio, the university's president and chancellor, as well as leaders for a local police union all chimed in and demanded he be sacked.  Quicker than two shakes of a lamb's tail, he was.  Furthermore, the university's administration sent out official statements distancing themselves from Isaacson's volatile words and explained that the things he has said in no way reflect the views of the college and essentially they were putting him on administrative leave while they investigated the incidents.  In other words, he will be fired very soon.

Here's a screenshot of his Twitter post. He also has a picture of him wearing an Antifa hat, so that's all you need to know about the character of this guy.


The school administrators noted that Isaacson's statements made the suggestion that violence against police was totally acceptable, and that statement, as well as the idea of Professor Isaacson, were also unacceptable.

After his words went viral, numerous faculty and students said they had received threats or felt their personal security was threatened by the idiotic words of Isaacson.  

Isaacson said that he only regrets that he made those statements and put other people in the cross-hairs due to his words without their consent.  He did not specifically regret what he said, though.

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When reached for comment after his being placed on administrative leave, he was asked if he cared to elaborate on his comments that were ultimately his downfall.  He conceded that he did not have an issue with individual police officers, just that he doesn't advocate policing as an institution and that police officers are agents of said institution.  Makes perfect sense, right? No.

He reached down to the very bowels of his conscience to muster a resemblance of regret by saying that he apologizes to the John Jay community for making them targets of threats against their lives and bringing upon them harassment that they did not sign on for.

He couldn't just leave it at that, though.  He went on to whine about his freedom of speech being impeded upon.  I guess he doesn't grasp that when you represent something, you can say whatever you like, as long as you are not tarnishing or hurting what you are a representative of.  

By this logic, every employee in the world could walk up to their boss, call him or her a moronic slob, and should be expected to keep one's job because, well, free speech!

I, for one, am glad this purveyor of stupidity will not be teaching young or old minds any longer.  Hopefully he won't land another job at a desperate school who will take the lowest common denominator into its faculty.

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