Antifa's Highly Anticipated Rallies Were Failures Across America


Antifa allegedly planned 22 rallies across America in a bid to force President Donald Trump and his administration out of office. The events were thought to draw millions of protester to march for the cause of removing Trump from office.  The antagonist for these rallies, Refuse Fascism, supposedly spent a great deal of money taking out promotional advertisements calling on supporters to turn out to the rallies, even buying a full page ad in the NY Times.  How many million protesters turned up? A couple thousand. Not even a single million.

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With the exception of Los Angeles which was estimated to have short of 2,000 protestors, most of the other cities could barely muster 200 people. Even notorious liberal hotbeds like Seattle having only about 50 people in attendance.  The rally points were littered with unused rally signs strewn about on the ground.  Observers say there were far more counter-protesters in support of President Trump than there were anti-Trump protesters.

The organizing group tried to get protesters mobilized in Texas but could barely get a dozen to show up.

One political pundit from Infowars, Owen Shroyer, noted that the organizers spent tons of money on this well publicized concert of events, only to have their rallies end up looking more like pro-Trump rallies than Antifa protests, which are notoriously violent and antagonistic.

Shroyer noted that in Austin, Texas only about 30 protesters showed up, while counter-protesters numbered about 200, and there were about 50 police on hand.  The pro-Trump counter protesters chanted USA in the streets.

Antifa attempted to spark a viral anti-America movement with these rallies and ended up smearing pie all over their proverbial faces with an embarrassing turnout which can only be indicative of weening support of Antifa's heavy-handed social justice campaigns against Trump and his administration.

In a feeble attempt to try to salvage some face, Antifa could only try to place blame on conservative media outlets for what they say was blowing the protests out of proportion and warning citizens of the potential dangers that inherently could occur at Antifa rallies.  While Antifa thinks this is spin, it's actually just common sense on the part of the conservative media as Antifa rallies very seldom are non-violent.

Newsweek said that that so-called November 4th rallies will be remembered for anything but being actual rallies.

Could it be that even the far left is realizing that radical leftist groups such as Antifa and BLM are completely off-base and are doing nothing but to divide our great nation?