Antifa said this man is a 'White Supremacist' - does he look like one to you?

His name is Daryl Davis and Antifa members have now called him a white supremacist. Take a good look at Mr. Davis and you'll see he's the least white person you can find. That doesn't matter though because Davis said some things that Antifa didn't like. Davis was talking about Conservatives trying to help end racism, so since Davis supported the right wing movement, the left wing mask faced weirdos have turned their back on him and labeled this black man as a white supremacist.

This is documented in Daryl Davis' very own Facebook post.

He did an event in Philadelphia, and about it, he said:

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"Meanwhile, a group known as Antifa (short for /Anti- Facist), threatened to do violence to the conference organizers and panel speakers and burn down the building where we were to speak. Despite the threats, we had a very successful conference. We celebrated with an after-party in a room filled with people from all walks of life and every political persuasion from MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters to supporters of those at the opposite end of the Make America Great Again people and everyone in between on the spectrum. We ALL got along fantastically.

Meanwhile, the police department shut down the streets surrounding the site of the party as a crowd of about 40 Antifa members gathered outside the building to protest, accusing the the speakers and organizers of being racist

We invited the Antifa members to come in a join the party and have an opportunity to talk with us. They refused. I thought I had seen and heard it all in my 61 years and nothing would surprise me, but I was mistaken. Now are you ready for this? The Antifa people called me a White Supremacist. What??? Are you kidding me??? Wow!!! That's right, you heard me!!! They called ME, a White Supremacist. Now, I KNOW I've heard it all. It's good to be colorblind sometimes, but this is ridiculous!!!"

And there you have it, the dumbest thing you've heard all day.

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