AOC at risk to lose job, her district might be eliminated

New York is set to lose two congressional seats and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could have her district eliminated completely, potentially putting the freshmen Representative out of a job. Here's what's going on, despite all the bogus reports suggesting things like Democrats are coming up with a plan to wipe her out, or other nonsense like that.

There's a thing called reapportionment and it's set to happen because of the decline in the population. One problem AOC has is that not much more than a quarter of her constituents appear to be legal citizen Americans, with over 50% of them being foreign born, legal or not.

If a Census undercount causes districts to be eliminated, then that means they usually redistrict places. Now I am not 100% sure if that means Ocasio-Cortez is out of a job, or if she takes over in another district - that part I am really not sure of.

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I managed to find this information on City.NYC and Jim Hoft's site, The Gateway Pundit.

Here's a quote from City that pertains directly to AOC's information:

A review by THE CITY, building on data and analysis by The Texas Tribune, suggests Ocasio-Cortez’ district could be particularly vulnerable to undercount because a little over a quarter of those living there are non-citizens.

That’s a higher percentage than any other congressional district in the state.

A Census undercount in Ocasio-Cortez’ district and elsewhere in the state could lead to the elimination of congressional districts — potentially setting off politically charged redistricting battles.

New York already is on track to lose up to two congressional seats during reapportionment due to population decline and slower rate of growth, according to a December report by Election Data Services.

In my opinion, I would like her to keep working as a Rep. AOC gives us hours of entertainment because she she ranks on the all-time list of people who are completely clueless, but act like they aren't.

If AOC is no longer in office, then we probably won't get to laugh as much. Everything from her crocodile tears to her anti-Trump messages, acting like she's mad the President of the United States just took out an evil general in Iran.

I do have to ask  - if she's no longer a Rep, then does she go back to bartending?

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