AOC makes $174k a year and complains about having too many Obamacare Options

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that "no one should go through" choosing between 66 GOLD healthcare plans and is framing Republicans for this issue, blaming them for having this many options for Americans to choose from. 

Her tweets actually show confusion as she signs up for Obamacare, but she's blaming the government, especially Republicans for the 66 options, claiming it as forcing consumers into choosing "complex financial products." This about people's health. This is her way of endorsing "Medicare for all" instead of Obamacare and every other healthcare available in the country. 

She, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, advocate for a "Medicare for All" plan where all Americans will receive insurance from a single government-run plan, no thinking required and questions asked. She is now pressuring her constituents to sign up for the program, claiming it as worth it. AOC is criticized for embellishing on "Medicare for All" as it puts the Obamacare at risk and for what? This plan is fantasized and it may backfire on the people as this is a single-player health insurance and people require well, different insurance plans. 

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To which a brave netizen responded:

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, AOC's annual congressional salary is $174k. That is why people are slamming her for complaining about healthcare by comparing her plan with a standard citizen's insurance plan. An article by Pluralist states how netizens are slamming her for acting like a "spoiled brat" for having so many options instead of being thankful for having healthcare. Even Libertarian commentator Aaron Peek responded with a deadpan, tweeting "I'm sorry this is happening to you."

In the article by Pluralist, one of AOC' supporters claimed that Obamacare was a "self-described communist" and that "insurance products are not healthcare." 

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Her reactions for specific healthcare under Obamacare received ire from strategists and even non-Republican supporters.

To make things worse, AOC when asked about how to pay for medicare for all, she said "you just pay for it."

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