AOC selling 'Tax the Rich' sweatshirt that costs $58

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is selling a "Tax the Rich" sweatshirt and it only costs $58. That's nothing if you're rich, but if you're sitting home on a lockdown and not able to work and struggling to meet your due dates on bills, then you may not have enough extra cash laying around for her overpriced nonsense.

Does she even notice how bad this looks? It's a sweatshirt, not a tuxedo. You can get a generic sweatshirt for like $10 and to have some words put on it can't cost that much. Now ask yourself how did this fancy sweatshirt become $58? Well, I have no idea.

Her idea of taxing the rich is fine, but you can't sell a shirt saying "Tax the Rich" when it's gonna cost $58 and big portion of the people you're pandering this to probably don't have that extra money right now.

Maybe if Congress ever gets to work and there's another $1200 check going out, then maybe people who are struggling might have a chance to get one!

I just can't believe the audacity of this wackjob to sell a sweatshirt for $58.

I could literally make that myself at home for like $10 with a dirt cheap shirt and supplies from the craft store.

For $58, I'd rather buy me some beef jerky and a Hanes shirt with some extra cash leftover.

AOC and her shirt is a ripoff. Besides, I thought they were eating the rich.

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