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Apple Faces Lawsuit for What They Did to Older iPhones

Apple is being sued by multiple parties who say that Apple maliciously slows down older iPhones to force customers to purchase newer iPhone models. Once these claims were publicized, Apple took the time to address the situation.  The tech giant said that it had software in place that would throttle the processors of older devices so that the processors would not over-tax the aging batteries and cause a complete shutdown of the older phones.

While this makes a lot of sense from a technical standpoint, the timing of using a limiting technology, regardless if it is being used for a good reason, is questionable.

Some say that Apple is mentioning this functionality of its software too late and that companies need to be transparent regarding how it is controlling your products.  

Some can easily see it as a ploy to slow down people's devices to make them buy a newer phone.  Apple waiting to disclose the limiting functionality until after they have been exposed as allegedly, illegally forcing people to buy their latest devices is just more fuel to the fire for the people calling Apple into question.

From Apple's perspective, they did not feel compelled to release details on this functionality as they claim it just made technical sense so that older devices can continue to operate without rebooting when being overloaded by degraded batteries.


Apple is being hit with individual and class action lawsuits from iPhone owners.

A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on behalf of an iPhone owner, Stefan Bogdanovich who claims that the slowing down of older iPhone models is not part of any agreements the company has with owners and is merely a ploy by Apple to get people to upgrade to new devices.

A lawsuit was filed in Chicago on behalf of fiver iPhone fives from Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina who all say they bought new iPhones because they were never told that they could simply replace their old batteries to negate the slowing/balancing mechanism for devices with older batteries.


This suit directly alleges that Apple engaged in consumer fraud laws.

All of the law suits were filed within 24 hours of Apple's slowing-technology being outed by third party high-tech sleuths.

Apple re-iterated that they had employed this phone-slowing technology (with or without good technical reasons) was only to deal with degraded lithium batteries.  Most likely that is all they are allowed to say until the law suits have been finalized.

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