April Ryan's bodyguard hit with assault charge after physical incident with reporter

A journalist who tried to cover the New Jersey Parent Summit and film April Ryan's speech was forcibly removed from the event by Ryan's bodyguard. Now the bodyguard is charged with an assault, harassment, and theft by unlawful taking.

Charlie Kratovil, New Brunswick Today's reporter, resumes what happened on August 3rd, as "an assault on freedom of the press." He also said that April Ryan "should have immediately condemned the use of violence against a journalist."


Kratovil says that at the conference, "he was doing his job," that is – news reporting. But apparently, Ryan's bodyguard, Joel Morris, had a different opinion about it. First, he took Kratovil's camera and later when Kratovil tried to retrieve it, he shoved him out the door. The incident was caught on the surveillance cameras at Heldrich Hotel, where Ryan's event took place.

April Ryan is a journalist herself. In the last months, she numerously complained about "the efforts to silence her down" and "discredit her", allegedly by the officials from Trump White House. She also complained that "she doesn't have news covering her speech" when she speaks.

Charlie Kratovil, a journalist that was removed by Ryan's bodyguard from the event where she appeared, is shocked by the lack of her response after the incident. "We are still waiting for [her] to comment on this unfortunate incident … Maybe now that there's criminal charges we might hear something from her" he said.


He also added that he "sincerely hopes" that "she does comment and condemn this." He also said that what happened is totally unacceptable and shouldn't happen in a country with freedom of press like the USA.

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