Armed Black Panthers March Down Streets Demanding DEATH To “Crackers” – Didn’t expect THIS Outcome


The New Black Panthers Party marched through the streets of Milwaukee a could days ago, armed with semi-automatic AR-15s and fueled with anger and hate. The militant hate group was heard chanting obscenities directed at President-elect Donald Trump and at the rest of the "crackers" in this country. The group, who referred to themselves as a "human rights tribunal" thought that their screams about genocide against blacks and armed intimidation tactics would get them exactly what they wanted, but they never expected the end to this march that they got and now they're kicking themselves for ever leaving their houses in the first place.

The militant group trudged down the streets, screaming "free us or die, cracker," in a march that they are referring to as "human rights tribunal." Maybe if any of them had bothered to pay attention in school, or even go, they'd realize how idiotic they sounded.

Other chants by these 'stand up citizens' included "fuck Donald Trump" and many other screams and chants aimed at the police officer of this nation. Of course, the New Black Panthers did this all armed with AR-15s to show how reasonable they were.

While ABC (mainstream media) put a relatively happy face on the march, it was typified by comments such as “F*** the pigs,” “Pigs out of our community,” “F*** the police,” and “Free us or you die, cracker.” [via The New American]

These sympathizing thugs march on the basis that they are combatting some sort of "black genocide," but they refuse to look at the facts that show that the leading killer of black people in America is other black people.

Now if this were just a group of uninformed morons, then this wouldn't be an issue, but the fact that these thugs are able to influence people across the nation to commit "revenge" killings against our police officers makes this a very real danger.... read more