ARMY Vet Immediately Pulled Over for this

If you needed proof that there is still hope for humanity, then here it is. During a recent funeral procession for a deceased WWII veteran, a random truck driver, who is a US Army veteran, pulled over his 16 wheeler to the side of the highway. He then stood by with his hand firmly over his heart as the procession drove by, paying respects to the fallen.

Kristen Collings, the granddaughter of the deceased WWI vet, snapped a photo of this random act of compassion and patriotism and posted it on Facebook.  In the post, she thanked the unknown man for showing such great honor. In a strange twist of events, she was able to locate and personally thank the man.

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The man is Bradley Faulkner. It turns out that his wife is a Facebook friend of Collins.  This mutual friendship led to the granddaughter and Faulkner to meet where Collins got to thank him in person.

When reporters asked Faulkner why pulled over like that, then he said it was because he understands that everyone in the procession was hurting.  He said that what he did was instilled in him by his father and noted that more people should do these type of acts.

Faulkner said what he did should be a general courtesy that everyone is afforded.  He said that if funeral procession was for a non-military person, then he would have done the same exact thing.  It's about respect. Taking one minute out of your day to respect someone who has passed away should be a no-brainer.  Faulkner also attributes what he did as something southerners are accustomed to doing.  He said that in Tennessee, where he is from, anytime someone sees a funeral coming down the road that people pull over.

Kristen Collins' Facebook post went viral and the story has appeared on numerous websites and social media outlets.  The story has made headlines online, offline and even the local and cable news networks.

To this day, Faulkner and Collins chat with each other about the stories and comments related to their story and they are pleased to see the country so captivated by a simple, kind act.

One commenter on Facebook asked Faulkner if he ever thought that he might end up with a traffic ticket for pulling over on the side of a highway.  His response was as you would respect.  Faulkner said he just would not change who he is and he would always do the right thing.

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