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  • Roseanne Barr calls Natalie Portman 'repulsive' and says 'it was really sickening'19 Jan 2019

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Gun Control Laws Can\'t Work

257 Views Comments

How to Fix the Immigration Problem in 1 Easy Step.

257 Views Comments


219 Views Comments

Why we need the Electoral College to Select the President

305 Views Comments

Can Crypto Currencies Be Manipulated

252 Views Comments

Hate Speech, Should it be Banned

253 Views Comments

History Repeats Itself

338 Views Comments

The US considers going back to the Gold Standard

6518 Views Comments

Return to Camelot; sort of

397 Views Comments

Where are the Anguished Mothers of those who died in big cities?

454 Views Comments

Serial Bomber Attacks Austin

501 Views Comments

What are the real issues with our Immigration policy?

460 Views Comments

Did the Founding Fathers Want Citizens to Have Military Weapons?

1836 Views Comments

Should She Report Sexual Harassment after Sleeping with Him?

612 Views Comments

Trump Effect! Ten More Countries Consider Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

837 Views Comments

Like A BOSS!! Nikki Haley Cut $285 Million from UN Budget

426 Views Comments

CA Raised Minimum Wage to $15 and Instantly Regret it After What Will Happen

1731 Views Comments

Opinion: Women who make Fake Sexual Accusations should go to Jail

1097 Views Comments

Super Earth with Possible Aliens is only 111 Light Years Away

486 Views Comments

Pizza Delivery Man Shoots Back, Stops Robber Dead in his Tracks

544 Views Comments

Racist Texas State Student Calls for White Genocide

950 Views Comments

Texas State University Run Genocidal Article

237 Views Comments

Jaws Hit the Floor Over Breastfeeding Picture from Disneyland

574 Views Comments

Leftist Loons declare Dr. Seuss Books as Racist Propaganda

222 Views Comments
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