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  • Roseanne Barr calls Natalie Portman 'repulsive' and says 'it was really sickening'19 Jan 2019

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Man strangled 8-year-old girl in women's bathroom

1298112 Views Comments

Black Lives Matter Leader Demands 10 Things from White People

288430 Views Comments

New Bill Clinton accuser releases phone call to Chuck Schumer 'Unlike Ms Ford, I Do Have Proof and Witnesses'

813990 Views Comments

The Philly Offensive is Facebook's most hated comedian

Society 44334 Views Comments

Texas billboard asking 'liberals' to 'keep driving' to be removed by advertising company

5304 Views Comments

Should killing female gamers in online games be considered rape?

14461 Views Comments

105,000 sign White House petition to remove Rashida Tlaib from office

67148 Views Comments

Hot Math Teacher Charged With Sleeping With Three Students

279116 Views Comments

Transgender woman caught taking pictures of real woman in Target

Society 1247 Views Comments

Black Caucus got $500,000 for youth scholarships, but spent it on limos, luxury, and big party instead

5223 Views Comments

Breastfeeding Mom called incestuous after viewers see her video

38168 Views Comments

Walmart employee says cake for cop is racist

2653 Views Comments

Teen used brass knuckles to suckerpunch a 12-year-old

16347 Views Comments

Teen Girl Accused of Hacking Uber Driver With Stolen Knives And Stealing His Car

747 Views Comments

HERE THEY ARE! Police release mugshots and names of ANTIFA protesters from Berkeley

12880 Views Comments

Principal forces teen to cover MAGA hat and shirt during 'America Pride Day' at school

4330 Views Comments

Look what TSA Agents did to a disabled girl!

Politics 870 Views Comments

Former Secret Service Agent dares Democrats to explain why "walls don't work" and the response is priceless

9481 Views Comments

Harvard lowers standards to accept social justice warrior David Hogg

648 Views Comments

Joy Behar allegedly threatens to quit 'The View' after fight with McCain, says 'if this s--t doesn't stop I'm quitting ...'

59132 Views Comments

Girlfriend Survives Four Hour Beating For What She Lost

15691 Views Comments

Substitute teacher convicted for sexually assaulting boy she met at detention

1788 Views Comments

White man targets black college athlete in hit piece about Tweets from six years ago

514 Views Comments

My Favorite 5 Ways For Fighting Anxiety

453 Views Comments
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