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Man strangled 8-year-old girl in women's bathroom

1302473 Views Comments

New Bill Clinton accuser releases phone call to Chuck Schumer 'Unlike Ms Ford, I Do Have Proof and Witnesses'

914743 Views Comments

Hot Math Teacher Charged With Sleeping With Three Students

380782 Views Comments

Black Lives Matter Leader Demands 10 Things from White People

288608 Views Comments

Former advisor to Obama and Clinton commits suicide months before his book release

128314 Views Comments

Teacher sends naughty pics, then does the unthinkable In School

92142 Views Comments

City in Ilhan Omar's district votes to eliminate Pledge of Allegiance

81595 Views Comments

Obama endorses Congressional candidate whose grandfather was a terrorist

75287 Views Comments

Substitute teacher fired for posting inappropriate school videos we can't show you

73048 Views Comments

105,000 sign White House petition to remove Rashida Tlaib from office

70456 Views Comments

Socialist Bernie Sanders Has No Problem Flying First Class

69262 Views Comments

Broward employee fired after reporting on elections staff 'filling out stacks of blank ballots'

68428 Views Comments

Red Hen Owner Suggests Trump's People Should Get Spit On Or 'Dine At Home'

67975 Views Comments

Kristen Bell: 'Don't you think that it's weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?'

65238 Views Comments

Joy Behar allegedly threatens to quit 'The View' after fight with McCain, says 'if this s--t doesn't stop I'm quitting ...'

62588 Views Comments

Hirono accused of 'looking the other way' as Dem Senator forced intercourse on hairdresser

52891 Views Comments

David Hogg Exposed Because He Is NOT A Survivor Of Parkland Shooting

51897 Views Comments

The Philly Offensive is Facebook's most hated comedian

Society 44437 Views Comments

Mainstream media caught in MAJOR LIE about Native American Drummer and MAGA Hat Teenagers

39979 Views Comments

Breastfeeding Mom called incestuous after viewers see her video

38421 Views Comments

Donald Trump Reneges on Bernie Sanders debate

31748 Views Comments

Guy With Huge Face Tattoo Complains He Can't Find Work

30937 Views Comments

Prosecutor who questioned Ford said her evidence couldn't get a search warrant, let alone prosecute

28177 Views Comments

Michelle Obama says Melania Trump hasn't reached out for advice on being first lady

27908 Views Comments
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