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  • Roseanne Barr calls Natalie Portman 'repulsive' and says 'it was really sickening'19 Jan 2019

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Destiny's Iron Banner on delay; people may go outside

1390 Views Comments

My Xbox One headset is poorly made and always breaks

610 Views Comments

Are you ready for Destiny?s Rise of Iron?

723 Views Comments

Man wanted for urinating on flags at veterans cemetery

1129 Views Comments

Reporter Goes Ghetto

1000 Views Comments

The more I read about Bernie Sanders, the more I think he's a vulture

671 Views Comments

College students 9-pages of demands include free fabric softener and $500

2595 Views Comments

Kanye West dressed like a mailman standing on table is not the dumbest thing in this pic

521 Views Comments

The real reason millennials struggle for success

825 Views Comments

You're a sexist if you dislike Ghostbusters 2016

948 Views Comments

Appeals court refuses to reconsider transgender bathroom. Guess who pees with your kid!

1457 Views Comments

How to solve the transgender bathroom debate forever

1178 Views Comments

Only One Pittsburgh Steeler Stood for National Anthem

1772 Views Comments

Feminist Website Warns Asian Americans Not to be Too White

818 Views Comments

Four Buddies Bring Printing Business To North Philly

431 Views Comments

Hirono accused of 'looking the other way' as Dem Senator forced intercourse on hairdresser

52823 Views Comments

Deformed kitten shocks the world with amazing feet

Viral 2236 Views Comments

Look what TSA Agents did to a disabled girl!

Politics 870 Views Comments

How to save the Philadelphia School District

Society 688 Views Comments

Where are the Anguished Mothers of those who died in big cities?

452 Views Comments

Martin Shkreli thinks Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's disease

706 Views Comments

Old man arrested for heroin has a HILARIOUS secret for the police

1746 Views Comments

Leslie Jones website and iCloud hacked, nude photos leaked

3666 Views Comments

University warns freshmen - NO SAFE SPACES and NO TRIGGER WARNINGS!

1105 Views Comments
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