Asians are sick of 'BEGPACKER' bums begging for money for free travel

The idea of traveling around the world seems exciting - at least until you run out of cash, as it happens to many of mostly young influencers trying to live this dream. Most of them then turn into beggars asking for money to fund their trip, but that is being put to stop, at least on the island of Bali.

After many residents complained about these foreign beggars, Setyo Budiwardoyo, as the official of immigration department of Bali, said that they are reporting those unwanted tourists to their embassies as they should take care of them.


He revealed that most of these people are either British, Australian, or Russian and that they won't cover their costs of living. Still, they won't be charged or deported, unless they've committed a crime.

Bali is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world, but some of them ran out of money half-way and are begging for money or selling their items. Locals are enraged by that, especially since some of these people are asking for money while at the same time refusing to sell their cameras, which are often worth more than a thousand dollars.

Many Asian countries are having the same problem, including Japan or South Korea, and Thailand government also had to react to the rising numbers of so-called "begpackers." Tourists are now asked to show around $500 before they enter the country, proving they have enough cash to stay.


This epidemic happens in the other parts of the world, including New Zealand where a couple from Germany asked people not for money but food as they are trying to travel the planet without spending a dime from their or anyone else's pocket.

They have a habit of sleeping on the streets and eating whatever they find in the garbage cans.

They should get a job like everyone else and pay their own bills.

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