I suppose if the IRS can audit taxpayers, then the feds can be audited too, right?

If they check us out to make sure we're paying our dues, then we should be able to have some transparency about what they're spending money on. We need to feel safe and secure with our government spending.

Then again, we already know that not everything is on a "need to know" basis.

As regular citizens, there's things that we're just not in that club and we won't ever know.

That's not stopping Rand Paul and Thomas Massie for trying to pass legislation that will audit the feds.

The majority of power and influence that exists in our world today lies within the grasp of five wealthy families and their descendants, many of whom were complicit in the creation of the Federal Reserve. That has led to a devaluing of real money, replacing it with fiat currency and untold wars and corruption. Now, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, along with Representative Thomas Massie, are following in the footsteps of Ron Paul and have introduced legislation that would audit the Fed.

The Federal Reserve might have some secrets lurking in the dark that would be interesting to find out. Of ourse, that's all speculation that leads to conspiracy talk and we know that's a fun party, right!

Do we really think the feds will let this audit happen?

I doubt it.

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