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Auto worker cursed out by Joe Biden reveals more to the story

Last week presidential candidate Joe Biden cursed out a blue collar auto worker during a heated argument in which Biden even appeared to ask him to go outside. Biden referenced the "AR-14" (which does not exist) and told the man that he was "full of shit." (video at link)

But now the man has been identified and he strikes back with a message of his own directed at Joe Biden. His name is Jerry Wayne and he had a chat with AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News Network.

In his message, Wayne says he wasn't shocked that Biden was cursing at him. Afterall, most Americans drop a few cuss words here and there, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. But more surprisingly, Wayne was shocked that Biden actually stopped to talk for that long.


And after Biden told the man he was "full of shit" - that's when Wayne knew he had Biden right where he wanted him. Time to let the gaffe machine dig the hole and Wayne gave him the shovel.

Hawkins' report stated:

Wayne told Breitbart News that he was not shocked when Biden cursed at him. Rather, he said what shocked him was that Biden stopped to engage with him in the first place. Wayne said that once Biden cursed he know bigger blunders would follow, so he said, “I was going to let him dig that hole.”


Wayne said, “As soon as he said I was full shit, I knew he was going to go back on what he said in his earlier videos. So I just wanted to let him talk, because I knew he was going to dig that hole. He did this to himself.”

Joe Biden is gaffe prone and in the social media and technology era, there is almost always someone with a cell phone to record what's going on.

30 years ago this could have been nothing more than a text-based news story with no video evidence for us to laugh at.

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I'm still wondering what common core math Joe Biden did to get the AR-14.

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