Autopsy update reveals Jeffrey Epstein's neck broken

An update on the autopsy of deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein has been released. In a follow-up article by the Washington post, the details of his autopsy were revealed and says his neck was broken in several spots. The New York Medical Examiner completed the autopsy by Sunday. The chief medical examiner Barbara Sampson, lists the results of Epstein’s death as pending.

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The updated autopsy reveals that his neck was broken. One of which is the hyoid bone, located near the Adam’s apple. The hyoid bone does break in suicide taken at a later age. However, according to forensic experts, it is more common for the hyoid bone to break due strangulation which often indicates homicide.

These were the first findings revealed to the public since Epstein’s death.This only adds fuel to the multiple theories regarding the multimillionaire’s death. While Attorney General William Barr describes his death as an "apparent suicide", the reports on falsified logs and many possibilities of how Epstein’s neck broke causes more people to speculate on the matter.

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Justice officials have declined to comment on the investigation of Epstein’s case. Also, Sampson’s office did not express anything other than informing the public of the injuries they have found on Epstein’s body.

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The silence only powered the most common conspiracy theory that Epstein, the child molester in custody, was murdered by his high-powered friends with whom he found victims for, silencing Epstein forever.

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