Really Bad Customer Service Experience with Wells Fargo

Years ago my wife and I bought a house, signed our money away to a 15 year mortgage, moved in and there was no such thing as bad customer service. It was a painless procedure to buy a home thanks to our awesome realtor. That was the easy part. Now the fun begins...

bad customer service

Bad Customer Service 101


The difficult part, which I didn't find out until years later, was locating a Wells Fargo employee with common sense, who could solve my problems on the phone and not read the same script from their basic training class of bad customer service 101. Most of Wells Fargo's checking accounts have fees. If you do something specific, then you can waive the fee. For example, going paperless waives $2 and linking a mortgage or having direct deposit from your work will waive the remaining $13 in account fees from a total of $15.

I have two accounts there - one for personal and one for business. I did not sign up for bad customer service, but this is where it becomes fun, right? When we got our mortgage, one account was to be linked to the mortgage and the other account was supposed to receive the direct deposit. That part was fine until the Wells Fargo employee put the mortgage on the account that already has direct deposit. No. You put it on the other account so that my fees are all waived. Why would you put them BOTH on the SAME account?


That's not even the worst part. I think the person made a simple mistake that could've been solved easily. Solving it became the hard part. On the weekend I walked into a Wells Fargo branch to get the fees reimbursed and move the items to the correct spot so fees were waived forever. I spoke with a really cool banker and he explained that it was basically out of his jurisdiction and he couldn't reimburse anything - even showed me the screen that denied the action. He needed a manager to override it, but said to call customer service and get they'll take care of it. Low and behold, I get on the phone, some woman answers politely and explains the same thing that I've heard a million times about how the first person may have made a mistake.

Yes, I know. I don't need the Cliff's Note's again, I literally lived through the same bad customer service 100 times already. I cut her off, because after 30 minutes of her repetitive dialogue, I'm literally done hearing it. I ask her to reimburse me for the fees and that I already know how to fix this. I'm going to have to put my direct deposit on my other account because my mortgage was already linked to the first account and for some strange reason, because of the odd account type, it CANNOT be on the second account. She can't reimburse me. Fine. Get the supervisor because I know for a fact that they can do it.

They've done it several times already, every other time I called to get this fixed and someone assured me that it was fixed and I wouldn't get billed again for NOTHING.  


On the other end of the phone is the biggest dunce burger I ever wanted to kick in my life. This mega tool douche repeats the same gibberish that the lady just told me, the same crap I've heard a million times. Then he suggests changing the account. No. I will not change accounts when this one can be fixed with the press of a few buttons and my fees can be sent back to the account which they belong in.

I tell him to simply reimburse me and I'll switch my direct deposit, probably going a month with no money because my job is slower than that snail commercial that suggests people are constipated, but that's fine.


I don't even mind doing it. Just give me the money back that you took based upon YOUR mistake and I'll do the rest. You know what this guy has the nerve to say? The same repeated lines from his script that he's already said and now he wants me to change accounts, or close the account, and won't reimburse my money until I change my direct deposit. Hold up a minute, you're making money on me EVERY month with my mortgage interest payments. You work for me and I don't want bad customer service.

yourself with a cactus  

I can walk to any credit union or other bank and switch everything in a few hours no problem. I would not care in the least to do what's best for my family and our money.

I'm calling Wells Fargo one more time and if they don't fix this mistake of mismanaging my account linkage, then I'll interview new banks and credit unions and make a move myself. I'm very certain that Wells Fargo will fix this, because they've fixed EVERY other issue I've had in 20 years.

I really do think that this IDIOT supervisor was probably a mistake that Wells Fargo made and shouldn't have hired such an uneducated jackaloon to supervise when he can't perform basic functions.

What banks or credit unions are good for you?


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