Baltimore resident: 'Trump is not racist' and she's glad he called out Cummings

A Baltimore resident has gone on video to state that President Donald Trump is not racist and she is glad that he called out Rep. Cummings. The video is by Baltimore Republican Kimberly Klacik who interviewed the woman, whose name is Michelle.

In the video, Michelle talks about the tweets Trump posted about Baltimore being infested with rats and rodents, then also Trump calling out Rep. Cummings for his shortcomings with the dilapidated district.


Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire posted the following on Twitter:

Michelle on Trump's tweets: "What he said was definitely true. [Cummings] hasn't done anything for us"


Michelle on Cummings: "He's worried more about [caring for illegal aliens at the border] than his own people"

He also posted the following:

Baltimore resident Michelle on CNN’s Victor Blackwell suggesting Trump was racist for his tweet:

Vote now to REMOVE Pelosi from GOVT!

“Trump is not racist … I’m glad he put [Cummings] on blast. The rats just didn’t come. These houses just didn’t get torn down, they’ve been like this”

Saavedra's tweets show the videos of Michelle talking about the topic despite the backlash Trump has received.

Many people are discussing the situation with the broken sections of Baltimore in which there's tons of trash, abandoned homes, and a high level of poverty.

Some Democrats are calling Trump racist for his tweets discussing Cummings' district. However, multiple sources have said the same thing in the past without backlash. At one point Bernie Sanders called Baltimore a third world country. And just last year, on PBS, they aired a documentary called Rat Film which was about the rodent infestations they were enduring in the city.

Kimberly Klacik's video showing trash covered yards and dirty row homes in Baltimore has garnished a lot of backlash as well.

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