Band without Number One Hit is Selling More than Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars

Who is making more dough than Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars? You won't believe it, but it's a band you didn't expect to hear from. It's Depeche Mode, a band formed in the 80's and they still haven't had a #1 song on the U.S. charts. They just became the first band in history to sell out the Hollywood Bowl four consecutive times and has outdone the biggest musicians of current selling more than 1.27 million concert tickets in just the first nine months of 2017.

Martin Gore, 50-years-old, and Depeche Mode's guitarist and leading songwriter noted that every single time they hit the road there are more and more people showing up.  He said it marked an incredible stage in the band's career.

The power of older rock groups is a force to be reckoned with making up a good amount of the $7.3 billion North American concert industry in just 2016 alone.  Other notable forces that are still pulling crazy numbers are Guns N' Roses and U2 to name a couple.  Guns N. Roses released their best selling album more than 30 years ago!

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Part of these groups' success is the persistent building of a fan base over the years.  Depeche Mode has consistently released an album every four years since their founding in 1980, leaving ample time for their fans to immerse themselves in their music and want for more.  They are also popular with their ever-expanding fan base for making impromptu appearances at small venues and periodic special releases, keeping fans in a mania.

The longevity of bands such as Depeche Mode can be partly attributed to them allowing these periods of hiatus between world tours and albums to allow members and crew to recharge and relax before the next big undertaking.

Depeche Mode, unlike notable forces the likes of Taylor Swift and Metallica, has often fought with their record companies about allowing fans to post whatever they like about the group on YouTube without fear of deletion.  In this spirit, they follow in the big footsteps of The Grateful Dead who openly encouraged its fans to record their concerts.

Even in the modern digital age, they are at the forefront of self-promotion.  They allowed a different super-fan to take control over their Facebook account for a day, rotating to a new fan daily for some time.  Many fan pages have sprung up, giving the band free promotion via social media.  Their page has over 7.3 million likes!

Here's to quality and longevity over splashes in the pan!

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