Basketball coach not happy after seeing Trump 2020 banner during game

A basketball coach appeared to be upset when he looked in the crowd and saw fans from the opposing team holding a "Trump 2020 Keep America Great" banner in the stands. The coach for Minneapolis High School, battling a Jordan team, went on Facebook and stated, "I coach a predominantly black inner city high school team. We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?" He was met with responses suggesting that students, and all Americans have a freedom of speech and expression, therefore they can hold any sign they wish. Since the sign isn't illegal, there's technically nothing wrong with it other than the fact that some people simply don't like it.

The superintendent is reportedly investigating the situation, according to the Star Tribune. "School District Superintendent Matt Helgerson released a statement Wednesday afternoon expressing “regret that Roosevelt players and their coaching staff, fans and community were made to feel uncomfortable, as it is always our intent to graciously host our opponents."

Helgerson also stated that personnel in the district are reviewing the matter and working with the other school to see what to do next, if anything at all. "Bridget Kahn commented on the Roosevelt coach’s Facebook posting wrote that the flag belonged to her and was used by students as part of a long-planned USA blackout theme night.  Kahn told the Star Tribune later that her son and others took two of the flags with them to the game and “left with them wrapped around them like capes. I didn’t see anything wrong with that."

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The students are reportedly not racist and were simply supportive of the president and America.

It's one thing to dislike the president, but it's not acceptable to think anyone is racist simply because they're supportive of America and Donald Trump.

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