Socialist Bernie Sanders of the Democratic party in the last presidential election. And now, it seems, that Sanders is going to take another stab at it when he competes for the election in 2020. Sources close to the Vermont senator have confirmed that some of the Sanders’ recent activities are more in-line with the preparatory groundwork for a potential bid at the highest office in the United States in 2020. It seems that he has been working hard to develop relationships with various prominent leaders within the party and shoring up support from key representatives of the democratic voter base.

He has also been working to identify and address the shortcomings exposed in his last election campaign when he was pitched against Hillary Clinton. His background and credentials in foreign policy were severely challenged back then and it was widely known to be one of the drawbacks of the senator.

Even though Sanders himself is yet to confirm his bid for the 2020 race, he hasn’t denied it either. If the does run, he would be the oldest candidate to run for the president’s post, since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 win during re-election.

Another person who would be a close third in the list of the oldest person running for the president would be current incumbent Donald Trump. Trump would most certainly be the Republican nominee and will be aged 74-years old in 2020.

Sanders effort to start working on his relationship with the Democratic party might have something to do with the fact that he didn’t really enjoy the full support of the party in his last campaign. Apart from one Democratic senator and a few representatives, no one had endorsed his campaign. In fact, former interim party Chair Donna Brazile mentioned that the party establishment was already decided on nominating Clinton, due to her ability to raise funds (not her ability to win).

However, Sanders’ loss to Clinton can hardly be blamed on the party, especially since Clinton won by a huge margin of 3 million votes. Still, it doesn’t hurt to get the backing of your party if you do run for the president.

Whether Bernie Sanders does eventually put his hat in the ring, is yet to be seen, but if that does happen, it will be a battle to watch out for when Trump meets Sanders and it surely will be no holds barred.

The other wrench in the engine is Oprah Winfrey, but that's most likely a joke, as is the rest of the Democrat party that Trump will stomp in 2020.

Source: theblaze,