Bernie Sanders admits he's a millionaire, plans to release tax returns next week

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) admits something we already knew. Sanders, a hopeful 2020 presidential candidate seeking the DNC nomination, told the New York Times that he's a millionaire and he plans to release his tax returns before April 15. He stated in the interview that his book sales specifically made him a millionaire

As stated to the New York Times, the 77-year-old said that “On the day in the very immediate future, certainly before April 15, we release ours, I hope that Donald Trump will do exactly the same." He also said, "We are going to release 10 years of our tax returns, and we hope that on that day Donald Trump will do the same."

Trump's plans are unknown and he has not (at this time) responded to Sanders statement regarding tax returns.

Sanders claims that his lucrative money situation comes from his New York Times best-seller, titled "Where We Go From Here." It's a book he had published in November of last year, and apparently having a best seller is one easy way to become a millionaire. 

He added, "I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too."

Some might be wondering, how much did Bernie Sanders take in donations during the 2016 presidential election? Did he use any of those funds to support himself while writing his book?

How does he pay for his homes and sports car? That's quite a bit of expenses. Sure, he's a six-figure senator, but can one really afford all that on his salary?

That remains to be seen.

According to a report by Breitbart, "Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir said the senator and his wife, Jane, wanted to finish their 2018 taxes first before releasing their returns. The Times reported Sanders’ 2017 Senate financial disclosure forms show he raked in around $1.06 million that year. The Vermont lawmaker owns three houses, one of which he purchased in 2016 for $575,000. The four-bedroom lake-front property in North Hero, Vermont, boasts 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront, according to newspaper Seven Days. Sanders also owns homes in Burlington, Vermont, and Washington, D.C."

Bernie Sanders is part of the 1% now. Is that how socialism really works? It only works for the people at the top, right? The rest end up eating out of trash trucks or roasting the family pet when they run out of food.

Isn't that what they do in Venezuela while the head honcho laughs all the way to the bank?

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