Bernie Sanders' campaign exposed through hidden camera videos

Bernie Sanders is likely to face high levels of criticism after his campaign was exposed through the means of hidden camera videos. This comes from Project Veritas who posted the videos on Twitter. It appears that a hidden camera was used to record Kyle Jurek, an Iowa Field Organizer for Bernie Sanders' campaign, and he had some interesting things to say.

James O'Keefe posted the following on Twitter, saying "BREAKING: @BernieSanders “free education” policies to “teach you how to not be a f**king nazi.”; 'There is a reason Stalin had Gulags'; 'Expect violent reaction' for speech. If Bernie doesn't get nomination "Milwaukee will burn."


James O'Keefe didn't stop there. He went on to post about others too. It seems that right after he posted the video that exposed Bernie Sanders' campaign for who the people really are, that many of the "Bernie Bros" came out to defend the presidential candidate.

As reported on Trending Politics:

Here are some of the quick-hitting highlights:

*Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign, “F*cking Milwaukee Will Burn” if President Trump Re-Elected

*Kyle Jurek Says That Stalin 'Had a Reason to Use Gulags', Claiming Gulags Were “Better Than What the CIA Has Told Us That They Were.”

Now here's the videos and more posts that could cause Bernie Sanders to face a mountain's worth of backlash.

Please excuse any language that's in the videos and posts below.

How's that for a campaign?


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