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Bernie Sanders on top of 2020 Democrats in recent CA poll

Bernie Sanders, that guy with millions of dollars, a few houses, and a reported sports car, has taken the lead over his 2020 Democrat foes in a recent poll conducted in California. Sanders left Elizabeth Warren in the dust, but she's not far behind.

Bernie polled on top at 24%, Warren at 22%, and Biden all the way back at 14%. The next closest competitor was Mayor Pete polling at a sad 12%. This information comes is "according to the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times," and as reported by the Washington Times.

In September, Ms. Warren had been in the lead at 29%, followed by Mr. Biden at 20%, Mr. Sanders at 19%, Sen. Kamala D. Harris of California at 8%, and Mr. Buttigieg at 6%.

Ms. Harris was at 7% in the new poll, which was conducted before she dropped out of the race on Tuesday.

The survey found that Ms. Warren and Mr. Biden would stand to benefit the most if she quit.

With Harris voters reallocated based on their second choice, Mr. Sanders would be in the lead at 25%, followed by Ms. Warren at 24%, Mr. Biden at 17%, and Mr. Buttigieg at 13%.


California is the biggest prize for the Democratic candidates next year with about 500 delegates up for grabs. It’s one of more than a dozen states expected to hold its nominating contest on Super Tuesday in early March.

The of 1,694 likely California Democratic primary voters was taken from Nov. 21-27 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Harris had no chance. Mayor Pete has no chance. None of them have any chance. It will come down to Bernie, Warren, and Biden and whomever can make the biggest impact between now and when the DNC must decide.


Of course, if Hillary shows up late in the game, they're all toast. Hillary Clinton could sweep them all at the last second, giving us an ultimate election rematch of Hillary VS Donald.

One of Trump's best one-liners is when he told Hillary, to her face, "because you'd be in jail."

Keep in mind that polls are essentially useless and only cover a tiny portion of the population. They are no more useful then asking the 12 people in McDonald's who they like, but everyone likes to talk about them and post the numbers as if they mean anything. They don't.

The only numbers that matter are what happens on election night.

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