Biden won't support Trump impeachment if he just does what Congress says

Presidential hopeful and leading democratic candidate Joe Biden calls for U.S. President Donald Trump's impeachment. However, he's not going to support it if President Trump will release the Ukraine Transcript that the congress demands. 


In his statement, the former vice president said that "We have a president who believes there is no limit to his power. We have a president who believes he can do anything and get away with it. We have a president who believes he is above the law." 

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This business with Ukraine makes Biden believe that President Trump, in his own term, is "stonewalling" Congress on the information surrounding the controversial Ukraine call. This time, the impeachment will be a "tragedy of his [President Trump] own making."


Biden said Trump has been "stonewalling" Congress about the Ukraine call and said impeachment would be a "tragedy of his own making."


Despite the Democratic Party's push for impeachment, Biden actually resisted. He even said that impeachment proceedings would end up to be a "gigantic distraction." Now, he has shifted and calls President Trump' actions towards aiding Ukraine as an abuse of power.


Biden continues, "The allegation that [Trump] blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in congressionally approved aid to another country unless [Ukraine's leader] agreed to smear a political opponent is not the conduct of an American president. It's an abuse of power."


Biden made these remarks hours before a meeting with House Democrats where they were expected to decide on their next moves on proceeding with the impeachment. He has been President Trump's shield in deflecting attention from the controversy. Being criticized for his moderate reactions on matters before this one, other Dem candidates cannot do that as Biden is now taking action on this.


Unless the White House gives in and complies with the congressional requests to release the information on the call that the president made with a Ukrainian leader, Biden will support President Trump's impeachment.

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