Bill Clinton: 'It’s time to reinstate the assault weapons ban'

Former President Bill Clinton said today, "We have talked, tweeted, and delayed long enough. This is about who we are as a country, and what America will look like years from now. It’s time to reinstate the assault weapons ban and make background checks universal." Clinton also linked to an article he penned for Time, that was titled "President Bill Clinton: Reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban Now."

In the article he references the recent tragedies America has experienced, thoughts and prayers, vigils, and all the buzzwords typical of an article about this topic.

At some point, Clinton says "I worked hard to pass and was proud to sign the ban on these weapons of war into law, and the results were clear: mass shooting fatalities declined while they were in effect and have risen sharply since they were allowed to lapse."

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Clinton then seems to reference the NRA, without saying specifically - the NRA:

For too long, America has allowed a determined, well-financed group to pretend to grieve with us while spreading paranoia among those who responsibly use guns for hunting, sport shooting and self-protection. For too long, the gun lobby and their elected allies have stalled, deflected and changed the conversation until the pressure abates and they can get back to business, heedless of the killings inevitably yet to come.

Clinton suggests that mass shootings declined while hunting licenses were increasing, trying to suggest that a ban on assault rifles will not affect hunter lifestyle.

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It pains me to see people in the culture I grew up in buy into the argument that banning weapons of war threatens the Second Amendment and their way of life. As the 1994 assault-weapons ban shows, deaths from mass shootings fell while the number of hunting licenses actually increased. No one has to give up their culture to save the lives of innocent people, so many of them very young.

Clinton makes a point here, reminding Americans that it takes more than a single action to help stop the mass shootings.

Of course, no single action can completely end mass shootings and the wave of gun violence that plagues communities across America.

We all have to stand against, not inflame, the racial, religious and gender-based bigotries that often drive the delusions of mass killers.

Clinton refers to the controversial "red flag" laws and says they are a good idea.

The “red flag” law is a good idea. Also, we can and should do more to prevent, treat and manage mental illness. But the incidence of mental illness in America is similar to that of other wealthy nations, yet we have far more deadly mass shootings. What’s different is the sheer number of guns per capita and the widespread accessibility of weapons of war.

Clinton discusses briefly banning assault-weapons, ammo limits, and better background checks that should be universal.

We know reinstating the assault-weapons ban and the ammunition limit, and making improved background checks universal, will help.

The article went on, but those were the main points Clinton tried to hammer home.

The question is this: how will America come together for common sense laws, work on improving families at home, and find a way to agree on getting things done instead of wasting time arguing so much?

What can we all do?

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