Using fat girls on a billboard to promote body positivity is a scam


I just saw an article on the Independent website that mentions a billboard that has three fat women on it. The message seemed to be body positivity and that everyone should just love their body the way it is and that everyone is ready for the beach, including the three whales they forced to fit on one sign.

The billboard sign with the fat chicks said "we're beach body ready" and I'm like "no the fuck you are not" because who in their right mind has a BMI bigger than the Twin Towers and thinks they're looking good in a two piece?

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Body positivity is bullshit. Don't lie to yourself when you're that fat. You look like a fucking horror story. You look awful. You look terrible. You smell different and you have fat flabs with hidden sweat pockets. That's the truth.

Body positivity is a lie that makes people feel better about being a fat piece of shit.

I believe that this does nothing but promote morbid obesity and normalizes being overweight and unhealthy. This is a horrible ad campaign that will trigger large people into thinking "it's OK, I'm beach body ready" and it's more like "yeah, if you're gonna go live with the fucking whales."

Here's the truth. No, you are not ready for the beach and no you should not go. Anyone who is extremely overweight should spend their time exercising and creating a more healthy meal plan and lifestyle.

I'm 20 pounds overweight myself, so I fit into this category as well. I'm a fat fuck with the rest of you.

I'm nothing special to look at. I have a dad bod. Dad bods are not sexy. Dad bods are body positivity and a poor excuse for being lazy. "Oh I have kids and I work full time" Tough shit. I don't want to hear it. I want to hear that you did 100 pushups before every shower or bench press your kid if you have to.

I don't need to have bulging muscles or veins popping out of my fingertips, but I'd like to lose a few pounds and at least be trim, muscular, and in shape. Right now this 20 lbs of cotton candy ass looking tubby telly belly of mine makes me look like a drunken potato sack that fell off the wagon.

The girls in this billboard are big and unhealthy, but so are a lot of us, including me.

This billboard makes us feel better about ourselves for about 20 seconds, then on our third slice of meat lovers pizza, it's back to being a piece of shit again.There's a LOT of us in this "I need to lose at least 10-20 pounds" group, so let's fucking do it.

If you need to lose more weight, then DO IT! Let's all lose weight together. How many pounds can we all lose together? If we get just ten people and all pledge to lose ten pounds in a month, is that a good enough start? Doesn't it sound cool if ten friends lose 100 pounds in 30 days? You can do that, right?

Anyone who tells you it's OK to be fat and to be body positive needs to be ignored. Delete them from your friend's list. Block them on your phone. Just cut them out of your life for good. They are negative and false energy based on lies. If they're not going to join in or support with your new healthy lifestyle, then fuck'em.

Let's stop normalizing obesity and start normalizing getting healthy through a better diet and exercise.

If you chose not to, then oh well. You can be a big pig all your life if you want to. Go ahead. You'll be 55-years-old jerking off to old copies of Caitlyn Jenner and good luck finding someone to bang you. No one wants to hook up with a smelly cavernous dumpster-smelling hoagie breath hog.

That billboard with the fat girls sucks, rights? They all look gross, don't they?

They do. They are nasty. I would vomit if they walked by me on the beach. No one wants to see that.

Now, what are we going to do about it? We're going to work hard, eat a little better, and make sure we don't ever look like that.

Are you in or out?