ANGRY Black Hosts BLAST Obama For Ignoring Hate Crimes

Diamond and Silk just trashed Obama for his ignorance towards the Chicago hate crimes that had four black folks kidnap and torture a white disabled guy.

Obama needs to get on a microphone and say something like "those four black folks are messed up. This was a hate crime and we need to be better Americans. I denounce this type of terrible behavior. We need to be one big family, not one divided family who hates each other. I am sorry for ruining race relations for the last eight years. Hopefully the orange guy can bring us back together"

But I know he won't ever do that.

Diamond and Silk lambasted the Obama boy for his lack of really caring about the creepy crime.

You can read their Tweet directly at THIS LINK.

Special needs kidnapping victim forced to drink toilet water. #BLMKidnapping

— Mike Cernovich ???????? (@Cernovich) January 5, 2017


The gang that scalped a Trump supporter made the video private.

Of course you can't erase anything from the web…

— Julian Wan ???????? (@juliangwan) January 4, 2017



Also missing from the equation, because it doesn't fit his "I HATE WHITE PEOPLE AND WANT YOUR MONEY" agenda, is Rev Al Sharpton.

Have you ever heard this guy speak? He's basically illiterate.

Here's the Tweet from Diamond and Silk.

.@FoxNews, We would like to know where is the DOJ, @TheRevAl, the Civil Rights Movement and @CornellWBrooks to do his Sit In. #HateCrime

— Diamond and Silk® (@DiamondandSilk) January 5, 2017

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