Black Lives Matter teens attacks Iraq War Veteran

A group of rowdy teenagers claimed homage to Black Lives Matter and viciously attacked and robbed an Iraq war veteran who is well known for following the "no man left behind" gesture when he helped rescue a fellow vet from a voracious attack.

black lives matter attack veteran

Teens mentioned Black Lives Matter and Attacked an Iraq War Vet in McDonald's

Before the teens attacked the man, they asked "do you think black lives matter" and then assaulted the man causing physical harm that was completely unwarranted in the blindsided attack. The teens asked if the man believed that black lives matter and before you know it, he was getting attacked by multiple teenagers.

The man is OK and wants the attackers caught sentenced appropriately as a consequence in hopes it teaches them a lesson, and to hopefully prevent violent attacks like this from happening to others. There should also be a lesson about Black Lives Matter in which it includes your own life and teaching teens not to waste their life as a career criminal.

This can't be the first person they ganged up on for no reason. This is 100% BS for teens to go around attacking people who are by themselves. It doesn't even matter what color you are, this is WRONG for everyone. It isn't just a Black Lives Matter problem, it's a human problem. Humans shouldn't attack each other.

Christopher Marquez was trying to eat a meal at McDonald?s last Friday in Washington, D.C., when a group of teenagers approached him. They asked ?Do you believe black lives matter?? before ambushing him. The Bronze Star recipient was knocked unconscious and robbed of $400, a VA medical card, three credit cards and other belongings.

Get well soldier and thanks for your service. I hope the country treats you better. You fought for our freedom and you deserve the best treatment possible.

Thank you, Christopher Marquez. We appreciate your service.

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