Black Unemployment Rate Under Trump Hits All Time Low for Last 17 Years

What's that sound? That's the sound of hard working Americans cheering for an unemployment rate that hit an all time low for the last 17 years. In particular, the national rate of unemployment for African Americans over the age of 16 has specifically reached an awesome low for the previous 17 years as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Last year, in November of 2016, the African American unemployment rate rested at a solid 8%. One year later, during President Trump's first year in the White House, the rate for black Americans of that age category dropped to 7.3 percent. While that amount does not seem like much, it's much more than you think. It's a percentage of unemployment that hasn't been seen since late 2000 while former President Bill Clinton was in the office (and possibly an intern).

Western Journalism stated:

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"As reported by CNS News, black unemployment rate during the Bush and Obama era’s fluctuated between 7 and 17 percent.

BLS data also shows that labor force participation among African-Americans rose from 61.9 percent in November 2016 to 62.2 percent in November 2017.

Unemployment rate for the Hispanic demographic fell from 5.7 percent to 4.7 percent — the lowest it’s been in 44 years, while the unemployment rate for whites and Asians hovered around 3 percent, roughly the same as one year prior."

Things are looking good for the economy. When people are back at work instead of sitting home, then that's a good thing! People will criticize former President Obama and say things like "why didn't he do this" and that's just because he may not have been as good with business as Trump. Where Trump may lack political experience, he makes up for it with business expertise that comes unmatched in regards to what his competition would've brought to the table.

Political experience does what for the country? It doesn't do anything apparently. What we have right now is a booming economy and an unemployment rate that suggests people are getting jobs.

That's very good for America and let's keep this going!

America's next goal is 6% unemployment!


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