Blagojevich was bleeding while thanking Trump for returning his freedom

Disgraced Rod Blagojevich was on stage bleeding out of his chin when he gave one of his first remarks since President Trump set him free after eight years in prison.

Blagojevich was seen holding up the bloody tissue and even made a joke about it, saying he wasn't used to shaving with a normal razor after all those years in prison. "Long time since I shaved with a normal razor and it takes a little bit of practice," said the disgraced former Illinois governor."

He was originally in jail for trying to "sell off the vacant Senate seat of Barack Obama. Wiretapped phone call recordings showed him looking for the highest bidder," per a report on Buzzfeed News.
Blagojevich gave his remarks outside of his home while his wife and two daughters stood by. Some of the people standing around watching were chanting "Make Chicago Great Again."


Blagojevich gave his thanks to Trump for setting him free and stated that he is a "Trumpocrat" - one can believe that is a Democrat who supports Trump.

"How do you properly thank someone who has given back the freedom stolen from you?" asked Blagojevich, saying his family gives "our most profound and everlasting gratitude to President Trump."

"As a Republican president, he didn’t have to do this," said Blagojevich, who was a Democrat before the party disowned him for his crimes. "I've got 10,000 reasons to be thankful to President Trump."


While Blagojevich looks for a new job, he might want to practice shaving as well.

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