Libs Think BLM Riots And Super Bowl Celebrations are Racist Double Standard


A person wrote an article for Newsweek that tried to say there's a racist double standard between Black Lives Matter and Super Bowl celebrations. In short, they're out of their minds and absurd for making the comparison when it's not even remotely comparable. In long, we'll go through it and debunk this hardcore liberal racist gibberish nonsense, and then you can go about your business knowing you're right, just like I always am.

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Let's remind readers that the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 by a score of 41-33. Philly's backup quarterback, Nick Foles, was the MVP after throwing for three touchdowns and catching another. Tom Brady threw for more yards and one less interception but also had the game losing fumble which helped seal the deal for the Eagles.

After the game, the Philly fans swarmed the streets and celebrated. Fans were out in thousands in several locations such as the intersection of Frankford and Cottman, all the way down to Broad Street, Center City, and almost everywhere else in the city except for the closet Dallas Cowboys fans living room.

I was out last night and surrounded by thousands of people - white, black, Asian, Mexican - you name it. People brought their kids to this. You wouldn't bring your kids to a riot. 

If they lived in Philly, they were out, and they were LOUD and cheered together. There wasn't a racist bone in anyone's body last night as everyone came out of the woodworks and partied together in unison. There were only a few rowdy incidents where people got out of control. There was a small street fire, a few pole climbers, a Prius tipped over, and one guy ate horseshit. 

The majority of the celebrations were people high fiving, hugging strangers, singing the Eagles fight song, and honking their horns while fireworks all across the city lit up the sky.

There was minor damage to a few things and trash thrown around, but for the most part, it was one big crazy and glorious night of celebrations where everyone was on the same page and happy together. It was amazing to see that many thousands of people together and all happy at the same time.

This was not a riot by any means. This was not droves of people attacking others, stealing, burning down buildings, or running around being racist and hateful. This was nothing like a Black Lives Matter event at all.

When there's a Black Lives Matter riot, that's when people are angry. They attack people. They loot stores. The burn stores down or damage them. They do all kinds of anger infused and spiteful things that have a lasting affect on their community.

Think back to the riots of Ferguson. That town was destroyed. If anyone goes through Philly today, then no, it's not ruined. It technically was "trashed" as there was a lot of litter and a few broken things, but overall the city is not destroyed - not even close. No matter what the mainstream media shows you to get ratings, it's not true. I was there in person and witnessed it live while the mainstream media shows you a few Internet clips and makes it seem like that's what everything was all about.

The most significant difference between sports celebrations and Black Lives Matter riots are the attitude and the anger. 99.9% of people celebrating in Philadelphia were happy, non-destructive, and all united having a good time.

Black Lives Matter riots are different. Those people are angry. Those people are robbing and stealing. Those people are all one color uniting against people of other colors.

A Black Lives Matter riot is angry and racist. A sports celebration is happy and includes everyone together.

People will try to say that sports celebrations are a white thing, but that's not true. That's just something that a far left liberal would say to spark a response out of people.

Newsweek was quoted as saying this:

"Somehow, it seems there's a line drawn in the sand where destruction of property because of a sports victory is OK and acceptable in America. However, if you have people who are fighting for their most basic human right, the right to live, they will be condemned," Black Lives Matter New York President Hawk Newsome told Newsweek."

No one out there says that destruction of property is allowed. If you're in Philadelphia, then you see people on social media shaking their heads or laughing at the very tiny amount of destruction, but you know for a fact that Philadelphia did not burn to the ground. Everything was back to normal the day after - except for the collapsed awning of the Ritz Carlton and maybe the Prius. Perhaps the guy who took a bite of horseshit felt a little under the weather, but perhaps he was OK too!

When someone says or suggests that a Black Lives Matter riot is people fighting for their basic right to live, then they're full of nonsense. Everyone already has that right. This is as pointless as the Women's March who fights for all the rights they already have. 

If I see people looting a store, then I know they're not fighting for anything except free things that I always have to pay for. That's not fair to me, the guy who doesn't riot and loot. The rioters use the riot as an excuse to steal. When I see people getting attacked on television because they are non-black, then that's just people beating up innocent bystanders because of their color. That's called assault. There wasn't anyone celebrating in Philadelphia who was running around beating up people because of the color of their skin. Black and white people were partying TOGETHER all night in Philly, and no one can deny that. I was there and saw it myself. The most remarkable and energetic people I've ever seen in my life were all over the streets the night the Eagles won the Super Bowl and people weren't racist or attacking each other for racial reasons. No cell phone stores were looted. A retirement home wasn't burnt to the ground. Nothing but a few minor incidents, but that's pretty spectacular for a city of 1.5 million people.

There is simply no comparison to a Black Lives Matter riot fueled by anger and crime, compared to a sporting event where everyone is happy, and a few people misbehave.

It's not a white or black thing. It's a people problem where criminals use the excuse of a riot to damage, steal, assault, and commit countless other crimes.

There's always a few bad things that happen in every sports celebration, but the majority of the people celebrating a Super Bowl victory in Philadelphia were peaceful, loud, and amazing. That's not a crime.

The majority of people in a Black Lives Matter riot, using Ferguson as an example, are committing crime, stealing, burning down buildings, and destroying their community far worse than any sporting event you'll ever see.

One is a riot. One is a celebration.

There's a huge difference, and there is absolutely no race-related double standard when comparing a sports event celebration and a legitimate riot.

Newsweek's article is the kind of nonsense that divides people, and they should be ashamed of publishing it.

Blacks and whites united in Philadelphia and had a blast together. Don't ever let someone tell you differently. Haven't you had enough of the racist nonsense being peddled by the left like a sick batch of opioids?

Bernice King describes herself as a thought leader, but I don't think she thought very much about anything when Tweeting this.