Blonde-Haired Moth With Little Genitals Named After Donald Trump

President Donald Trump needs to take a look at this. There have been a new moth species discovered and the hair shows a striking resemblance to President Trump's bizarre hair don't. The species was discovered by evolutionary biologist, Dr Vazrick Nazari, who then officially named the moth after Trump. The moth's species is named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi. 

In a fascinating measure, for lack of better word, the moth also has the same hairdon't on its little genitals. Imagine waking up next to that every morning? Or better yet, imagine having one and it requires a daily brushing. Sure glad you're not a moth now, right? This new moth is said to be found in Arizona, California, and Mexico's Baja California areas. There is no word on if the Moth has entered the White House just yet.

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The website IFLScience provided this information: 

"After sifting through a collection of moths from the genus Neopalpa, he noticed that a few specimens didn't match the criteria for previously known species. For one, the study notes it has “genitalia comparatively smaller” than its closest relative N. neonata. Using DNA barcoding analysis and catalogs from various natural history institutions, Nazari showed that it was indeed a separate unrecognized species. 
Dr Nazari said he named the moth as such because of its uncanny resemblance to Trump’s iconic hairdo. However, he also stressed that he hopes the name will generate interest in the species and promote conservation efforts for North America’s neglected micro-fauna."

I don't believe President Trump has reached out to Dr. Nazari, but hopefully he does. It would be a worthy chat to hear a real scientist talk about factual information with Trump and determine how the White House can be effective in helping with the causes that Nazari supports.

We also need a photograph of Trump holding a few of these moths.

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If that could happen, that would be great. We don't ask for much.

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