Bloomberg claims he will 'Remove Trump from office' if Senate doesn't do their job

Presidential candidate and mega rich guy, Michael Bloomberg, released a new campaign ad on his Twitter feed that suggests he will remove Trump from office if Senate does not do their job.

Of course, Bloomberg's language refers to Senate removing Trump from office by means of impeachment.

Bloomberg suggests that if Senate doesn't remove Trump through the impeachment, then he will defeat Trump in the upcoming election of 2020.


Bloomberg's ad is laughable, at best, because he's not polling very high among Democrats, which means he's not very likely to be in the election. He appears to be averaging around 7.3% in recent polls, as per Real Clear Politics. That makes him very unlikely to defeat Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders.

Bloomberg said on his post, "It's time for the Senate to act and remove Trump from office. If they won’t do their jobs, this November you and I will."

It's very odd how people are making ads like this when they are polling so low. If you're not polling over 10% at this point, then why are the candidates still trying? There's no point for them to be in the race any longer and when you're months away from the election, it's time to drop out and stop grifting donations from people.

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