Parents got son a BMW, so he pushed it in the canal - he wanted a Jag instead

An incident involving a car reportedly being pushed into a canal by its owner took place on August 10 in Yamuna Canal, located at Yamunanagar, India. The policemen’s account of the incident was published in an article on the Times of India, which the owner’s parents vehemently denies.

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It is said that Akash, the 22 year-old owner of the new BMW 3 series sedan, pushed his car into the waters due to his dissatisfaction of it being a BMW instead of a Jaguar, which he reportedly asked for as his birthday present.

Times of India reports that the BMW was purchased by the 22 year old’s parents by selling their other car. A local police official told the reporter that Akash, the owner, demanded a Jaguar car from his father. However, the father was unable to buy one, despite selling their Innova, a sentimental gift from his in-laws. In a fit of rage, Akash threw away his car.

The authorities present at the incident claims that the parents told them that Akash suffers from mental health issues. As there were no complaints filed, the officials don’t plan to make an arrest.

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Sources insist that Akash made a video of him pushing the car into the canal and sent it to his parents.

This, however, was denied by Akash’s father, Sanjeev Kumar. He claimed that the incident was an accident, and denies that his son demanded a Jaguar for his birthday.

He told the times that their family had two cars, a BMW and a Swift. His son did not demand for a Jaguar car.

Kumar stands by his statement, saying that the accident was caused by his son trying to swerve to avoid an antelope that was blocking the road. To which, he failed and ended up in the canal.

Hours after the incident took place, the submerged car was taken out of the water with the help of divers, villagers and earth moving machine.

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