Police body camera footage has recently been released showing two Pulaski County, Missouri Sheriff's officers averting a potentially deadly event on a man that was hell-bent on suicide-by-cop. The officers take out the suspect in the most perfect way possible. The officer body cameras came to great use in proving that there are good cops in the world and people need to stop thinking cops are the problem.

Officers Brickner and Bays responded to a well-being check on Marcus Lavender, a black man who lived alone.  Upon arrival, the officers were warned by their dispatcher that Lavender promised he would shoot any officers that arrived at his residence.  Cops arrived ready for a gunfight, which must be absolutely frightening, but our cops are solid, strong, and fearless.

Watch the police video here:

Shortly after knocking on Lavender's door, the door opened with nothing but the muzzle of a gun protruding.  Officer Brickner instinctively grabbed the muzzled and began wrestling with Lavender in order to disarm him.  During his tryst with Lavender, Brickner had called for assistance from his partner, who was already heading toward to the two men as the gun had discharged during the fight for control.

When officer Lynn got to the two men he drew his weapon and told Lavender to drop the weapon, to which he did no comply. In fact, he actually asked to be killed by the police saying that he did not want to live.  Lynn holstered his weapon and tased Lavender, ending the fight for control over the weapon and allowing the officers to cuff Lavender.

Pulaski County Sheriff Jimmy Bench said in a statement that he was proud that his officers handled the very dangerous situation in the best way they knew how and that nobody was injured that day.  Bench noted that when a gun is pointed at you, it's hard not to respond with deadly force as officers are trained to do.

The use of police body cams on police most often shows them handling unpredictable situations properly, and always gives a clear account of what happened during any particular incident.

When it is all said and done, body cam footage showing white police officers disarming a black man that was intent on dying at the hands of police will not make the mainstream media as it does not fit their narrative of white cops targeting black men for execution.

There are some bad cops which are polarized by the liberal media, but the vast majority of police officers who only see a suspect and act accordingly to the situation.  It's not easy being a cop working in extremely hostile environments and those officers face life and death every shift they are on.

It's time for society to stop being anti-cop and start being anti-criminal.

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