Bodybuilder tried to GOUGE out girlfriend's eyes for 'LIKING' someone's Facebook post

There is something special about bodybuilders, about many of them at least. And it's not about their well-made bodies and muscles, but rather lack of other, very important organ – the brain. We don't want to sound really mean here, it's not our intention. But we talk from our own experiences, from our own life, combined with many stories. Just like the story that we are going to share with you here.

Danny Bridges, 35, bodybuilder from the UK, has been sentenced by a British court for violence against his pregnant girlfriend. On that fatal night, he strangled her and literally tried to gouge her eyes out with his strong fingers. And all of this, because she liked on Facebook some post of her male friend.

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Obviously, we may be sure here about one thing – Danny maybe has built up his body really well, but at the same time, he lost the ability to control himself and his anger. The judge had no doubt, and gave him 6 years prison sentence. "You are just another violent abuser of women. You have not shown any sympathy or empathy to those closest to you." - resumed judge, after he saw Danny smiling while being present in court.

This wasn't the first attack that Danny committed against women. Before that last attack on his pregnant girlfriend, this man had 13 previous convictions, including an attack on his own mom and sister.

We certainly wish all bodybuilders out there to not forget about their minds. Having a healthy body is important, but having a sharp, cool mind is even better. And so many bodybuilders and Hulk Hogan wannabes, forget about that. Steroids surely don't help with brain, at all.

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