BOJAZI: Another pointless Democrat drops out and no one cares

A report on AP just told me that the "longest-running Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential race" has called it quits after spending millions of his own money, and still no one cares about him.

The guy's name is John Delaney and I only have one question about him: WHO THE HECK is John Delaney?

Apparently he's been running for president this whole time, spending his own money, and people simply do not care one iota about the guy.

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I can't see why they would. He's a Democrat millionaire, just like many of those uppity-nose old buggers who need to face term limits.

The AP report said:

The announcement, made Friday morning, further winnowed down a primary field that had once stood at more than two dozen.

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“At this moment in time, this is not the purpose God has for me,” Delaney said, in an interview with CNN. “We’ve clearly shaped the debate in a very positive way.”

There's your other problem, John. The Democrats have pushed out like 900 candidates, all of them suck, and you're just another face with no name in a big crowd of losers and liars.

The former Maryland congressman has been running for president since July 2017, though Delaney’s early start did little to give him an advantage in the race or raise his name recognition with Democratic primary voters.

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If you're running for president for three years and no one cares, then there's only one conclusion: no one likes you and you're not interesting enough to keep talking about. No one likes Joe Biden either, but at least he's interesting, in a creepy way, that there's enough reasons to talk about him (and his sleazebag son, Hunter).

AP continued:

In a field dominated by well-known candidates from the liberal wing of the party, Delaney, 56, called for a moderate approach with “real solutions, not impossible promises,” and dubbed the progressive goal of “Medicare for All” to be “political suicide.”

Oh, you spoke against the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her utmost wisdom that stems from pouring shots of Honey Jack to truckers and hipsters. You can't ever do that if you want to be in the IN crowd.

Let's face it, John, maybe you're a Republican millionaire candidate and not actually a Democrat.

There is no way to sway moderate voters unless you're absolutely batty. You need to be extreme to get today's divided voters.

Either you're a Republican for the country or a Democrat against it.

No one cares about you weirdo candidates in the middle, especially guys with bug eyes who look like deer in headlights.

Beat it, John.

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