BOJAZI: Awww... Two Cheaters Got Married; Yup, That's Ilhan Omar and Tim Mynett

Cheating wife and Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has announced her marriage to an also cheating husband and oh my gosh, there's just so much to laugh about. First of all, she announces her marriage to little Timmy Mynett on Instagram like a typical neck-bent zombie on social media looking for attention in the form of "likes." So much class oozing from her, I don't know how she contains it.

So now she's married to Tim Mynett, a man whose ex-wife claimed he was leaving her for Omar, and boy was she right!

And let's just get it all out there. Omar's former husband, Ahmed Hirsi, made a surprise visit to his wife and caught her and Mynett laying around in pajamas! What is this, a government funded sleepover for cheating spouses?

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Either way, you don't lay around in pajamas with a woman unless you're doing something that involves a lot less clothing (wink, wink). Take it from me. I won't buy a pair of pajamas unless there's a woman involved and she plans on taking hers off. Any guy with working body parts can tell you that's true. Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute, folks. You know this is true. Men and women don't lounge in pajamas alone together unless the mattress is shaking.

And if little Timmy is 100% male, then he knows guys don't own pajamas unless women are involved, that's a fact.

So now we've got two people who half of America considers to be gross human beings enjoying their own lovely marriage and I'm sitting here (not in pajamas ) laughing, because at some point - they will probably cheat on each other.

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And we haven't even gotten into the juicy scandals yet.

All the money moving nonsense that Omar and Mynett were accused of is just the bottom layer of a really bad wedding cake.

Wait a minute, did they even have a wedding, or did they go to the courthouse like some sneaky teenagers running off to Las Vegas to get married by a fat Elvis impersonator?

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Either way, doesn't matter.

To each their own, we all deserve to be married and miserable at least once.

But before I close this out, let it be known that Ilhan Omar to me is a disgrace and I really hope someone unseats her, because I don't want her cheating on America, too.

Ahmed got out early.

Lucky him.

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