BOJAZI: College Students Assaulting Trump Supporters Is Why The Voting Age Should Be 30

This video shows a group of college students from Ohio University throwing drinks, screaming, and giving profane gestures to the driver and passengers of a truck that contains Trump supporters. Particularly, the "Gun Girl" Kaitlin Bennett, is in the vehicle and it seems like a small crowd of leftists do not appreciate her stopping by.

You can hear people yelling "get the f-ck out" as others throw things at the vehicle and the cops don't do much to diffuse the situation. Although, the cop wouldn't be able to do much since he's highly outnumbered and the people throwing a fit are unlikely to listen to a single officer.

Something is seriously wrong with these students at Ohio University.

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They are screaming at a girl they don't like because of her politics or whatever else she does. So what if they don't like her or agree with her - is that any reason to throw things at the vehicle and basically have a small failed riot?

No, not really?

How does Kaitlin Bennett driving by your campus ruin your day? Are you that messed up in the head that you literally have nothing better to do but scream at someone in their car? Are you that deep into Trump Derangement Syndrome that a chick from the Internet angers you so badly that you would rather scream at her than go do something fun or productive on campus?

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Madeleine Albright came to my school to speak. I didn't care for her. Most of the campus didn't care for her. Guess what we did? We didn't go. We went on with our normal day.

Guess what else we did? We didn't harass anyone who went to see her. In fact, we asked how it was and had a cool five minute conversation like normal adults, and we went about our day like it was no big deal - because it wasn't.

For me, I was like, who cares what Albright says. Sounds boring. Let's go sit in the computer lab and play on the Internet, or let's go drink some Keystone Lights and find a party.

If someone showed up at my college that I didn't like, I wouldn't care. I'd go do something else. Who the f-ck cares, right?

I remember when I went to college we didn't have nearly the number of liberal lunatics on campus.

Our school was full of jocks, nerds, artsy people, people who didn't do anything at all, extremely smart people, hippies, and even a murderer!

We partied together. We were in groups and sports together. We did everything together as a campus - whether it was in small groups, large groups, whatever - we were nothing like this. We were one massive cool town who had a great time. Sure, we had some bar and party fist fights, but they always ended up in people throwing back a few more Natty Lites or cups of jungle juice.

So what in the world happened to college students?

And why are they doing nonsense like this and protesting instead of actually having fun at school?

What a waste.

The college students at Ohio University who are assaulting someone's vehicle and screaming at them like maniacs is why the voting age was 30. These students cannot handle adulthood yet and I don't think they'll simmer down until they're about 30.

And if you really want to know, I went to Kutztown University and our campus wasn't filled with morons who spend $100k on a gender studies degree.

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