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BOJAZI: David Hogg begs for attention, says 'F-ck a National day of prayer'

David Hogg crawled out of his mother's basement to issue another "brave" statement on Twitter that, once again, irks half the country. He got those keyboard warrior fingers ready, cracked his wire-thin knuckles, and says "Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic. Fuck a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action."

Does David Hogg know that people ARE responding all across the country, let alone the entire planet? Does Hogg know everyone is doing whatever they can to do their part? Even Democrat de Blasio, oh wait, he went to the gym! All jokes aside, people are doing their best and will continue to push their personal limits in terms of working together. 

Maybe the partisan hack media will even start being honest too... doubt it.

So did Hogg really say this?


Here's a screenshot because if he gets pressure to delete it, we'll need it.

Vote now to REMOVE Pelosi from GOVT!

The point of a day of prayer is to do something that unifies people. It's symbolic. It unites people whether they are right or left of politics. It's a nice gesture to bring a calm during the storm.

Meanwhile, people are working around the clock to fix everything, despite Hogg's angry little tweet.

It was  irresponsible of Hogg, a well-known hack with way too many followers, to tweet this while people are losing their lives across the planet to coronavirus. America and other countries are working hard to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19 while medical professionals are doing their best to come up with a cure, treatments, and do whatever they can.

Cities are shutting down businesses and schools to lessen the crowds and slow the spread.

Trump and Pence have been given praise by Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo for their quick response to the coronavirus situation.

So what is the point of David Hogg crawling out of the basement to say this?

It's just him begging for attention.

That's it.

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