BOJAZI: Democrats don't care about success, will despise Trump no matter what

Quin Hillyer posted a really good opinions article about the overall Democrat 'knee-jerk' reactions and politicizing of Trump's air strike to take out an Iranian terrorist. Quin points out that Democrats were quick to undermine President Trump after the strike, not giving any time for the "smoke to clear" - but hurried to criticize him.

Despite the fact that a known terrorist was terminated, there were numerous Democrat leaders and lawmakers slamming Trump for calling for it to happen. Quite stunning that anyone would truly be upset about this, but there were folks like Chuck Schumer who appeared to be mad Trump did this without telling Congress first. Many might argue the fact that Trump didn't notify Congress of the air strike is exactly why the air strike worked.

Quin points out a very good comparison dating back to Bill Clinton's time in office and how Republicans responded to another situation in Iraq.

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Clinton bombed Iraq the week he was impeached, December of 1998.

Quin compared the Democrats response to Trump, to Republicans back then:

In contrast, Clinton’s bombings against Saddam Hussein’s suspected weapons facilities could have been launched anytime. They did not involve a one-time chance amid immediate threats. Clinton's bombing campaign had been in its planning stages since February of that year, in response to Saddam’s chronic interference with U.N. weapons inspectors.

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Clinton conducted the bombings just as the House was debating impeachment, leading some Republicans to criticize his timing. But almost none of them openly undermined their commander in chief by blasting the substance of his decision. Leading Republican senators, ranging from hard-line conservative Jesse Helms to moderate John Warner, all openly supported Clinton’s bombing campaign, and a day later, the House voted 417-5 in favor of a resolution supporting U.S. forces in the region.

It's great that Quin compares the differences in reactions, because many people may not remember that far back, or depending on their age, not really know much about events in 1998 when it comes to politics and reactions to events.

That was a big difference back then and the way politicians are responding now is just irresponsible.

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When the leader of your country takes out a terrorist, there should be an overall feeling of joy and support. But the problem here, one which Quin points out, is that Democrats are politicizing this to attack Trump.

You mean to tell us that you're not happy about Trump taking out a terrorist and you're using this to attack your president?

Why yes, they are. That is exactly what many Democrats are doing and quite frankly, it's appalling.

When the president takes out a terrorist, then everyone should be happy about it.

If the Democrats want to criticize the methods of his madness and the way he did it, then fine - but why politicize it and use it as a means to attack the president because he's not a Democrat?

After watching Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Chuck Schumer slam the president for taking out a terrorist or not telling Congress first (which is why the strike worked), it only proves to me that Democrats don't care about success - they will despise Trump no matter what.

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