BOJAZI: Elizabeth Warren's comments about Trump and coronavirus prove she has no clue

Elizabeth Warren must wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and just lie to herself about what she does for a living. I don't know how anyone could've voted for Warren to be in office. I don't know how Warren has absolutely zero self-awareness. I don't know how someone can seriously post about a disease outbreak and Donald Trump in the same post, but Warren pulled it off.

She wrote the most absolutely ridiculous thing you could imagine, and she probably thought "wow, that was good!"

Warren said on Twitter:

Free Trump Hats! Get yours now!

To effectively beat infectious diseases like coronavirus, we need all hands on deck. But like so much else, Trump’s approach to keeping us safe from disease outbreaks is a mess. When he's gone, we must fix the damage he's done—and I've got a plan for that.

Where do we even start with this?

Is it Trump's fault that some crazy disease broke out overseas?

Free Trump Flags for Patriots!

What is in place for America to protect itself from disease outbreak? I honestly have no idea, but I'm confident that we are probably going to be OK if something major happens.

You know how I know this?

Because you can just look at the sh-thole called California, all the trash, homeless, and feces - and somehow there's no major outbreaks from there just yet. We must be OK then, right?

Vote now to REMOVE Pelosi from GOVT!

And what happens if something did break out? Well, whatever is in place from the leaders past is probably still in place, and probably needs an update, but thankfully we are no third world country and this is a first world problem.

I also don't think people here are eating bats or koalas, so there you go.

The only way we might suffer from the coronivirus outbreak is if someone from overseas brings that sh-t home, or Bernie Sanders becomes president and we turn to socialism and eating random animals to survive.

On the flip side, Elizabeth Warren is one of the worst politicians we have and nothing will change that.

Life long liar, she is.

Let's see what people think about her post.

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