BOJAZI: Elizabeth Warren's 'Mr Rogers' video is an insult to his legacy

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has released a video and said it was her 'Mr. Rogers Moment.' But there's just one thing about this video that doesn't make sense. Mr. Rogers wouldn't lie about his heritage or fail a DNA test. Mr. Rogers wouldn't get caught up on all the same nonsense that Elizabeth Warren has over the years.

I find this video to be insulting to Mr. Rogers, whose legacy lives on and should not be tarnished by someone who pretended to be a person of color in hopes to gain benefits.

Mr. Rogers was a lovely, kind, caring person who would give the sweater off his back to make you feel at home if you were a stranger.

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Elizabeth Warren has to fake her kindness and humanity by staging videos that make her seem relatable, when in fact, she is anything but.

Elizabeth Warren has been a fraud for many years and she's running her presidential campaign on  lies that stack up against her.

Mr. Rogers, if asked to take a DNA test, would score a hypothetical 1024/1024.

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Then again, he wouldn't be in the position to take a DNA test to prove his heritage because he wouldn't have lied in the first place.

It's not an honor to see Elizabeth Warren conjuring the memory of a great man, it's a disgrace, just like her entire fake and phony campaign.

Here's Elizabeth Warren's 'Mr. Rodgers' video so you can see how cringe she really is.

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