BOJAZI: Hardware Store Selling Purell For $109 Is An Absolute Disgrace

Talk about price gouging! A hardware store in NY is selling the 1200 ml containers of Purell for $79. Not too long ago, that same container was only $5.49. But wait, it gets better! They're also selling the 2 liter bottle for $109. To see how ridiculous that is, you can get a 2 liter 2 pack on Walmart's website for only $29.21.

If there's a disgrace in New York, then this store selling overpriced hand sanitizer is certainly it!

What store is it? It's called Scheman & Grant Hardware and it's located at Eighth Avenue and 38th Street. I know New York prices are already higher than normal, which is pretty dumb because the city is rather gross in general, one of the nastiest places I've ever been - but that doesn't mean hand sanitizer should cost more than a ticket to the Jets games.

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Sadly enough, this information comes from one of their own employees, as per a report in the NY Post.

“Everyone who comes in the store,” buys them, he said while sitting on a stool and guarding the store’s dwindling hand sanitizer stash.

“We sold about fifty of those today.”

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But Ace Hardware, to which the store is affiliated, was offering 1200 ml bottles of Purell for only $9.99 online — though it was out of stock Friday night.

Before selling out Friday, Scheman & Grant Hardware also had 2-liter bottles of Purell on sale for an even more astounding $109.

That’s five times what Amazon was offering them for online, before they too sold out.

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The price sounds like gouging, Mayor de Blasio told The Post when asked about the store’s sky-high Purell Friday night.

“I’d like my Department of Consumer Affairs to pay them a visit immediately,” he said.

A manager at the Ace Hardware-franchise store declined to comment to The Post.

This might be the first time some of us agree with Mayor de Blasio. He's right, this absolutely is price gouging and it's a horrible thing to do when people are in need.

Yeah, we get the whole "supply and demand" concept, but it shouldn't be "rip-people-off and demand."

I wouldn't shop at this store ever again if I lived in that city.

To h*ll with that store.

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