Border agents recover human brain sealed in a mason jar

A recent press release by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has us asking a lot of questions, particularly to people in Wisconsin, because the agents recovered a human brain that someone was attempting to send in the mail.

The brain was in a mason jar like they were cooking up some shine and whomever packaged it didn't really know how to package it. Because come on, how do you really package a human brain and why didn't they ask for free two day shipping like on Amazon Prime?

The jar had a dirty paper towel, a brain, and some bubble wrap. You know, the brain wasn't even wrapped like they were trying to hide it - it was literally visible from the jar.

Had they wrapped it up nicely like a present for someone's birthday, then maybe it would've slipped through customs like anything else.

But nope, the person who tried to mail this human brain to someone in Wisconsin didn't even try to hide it. Seriously, what the heck is going on here?

Here's the press release from the border agents.

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PORT HURON, Mich - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seize human brain in international mail at Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron last week.

On February 14, CBP officers assigned to the Area Port of Port Huron referred a Canadian mail truck that had just crossed the Blue Water Bridge for an inspection at the Centralized Examination Station, in Marysville. During this routine mail operation, a shipment manifested as an “Antique Teaching Specimen” was targeted for inspection. Upon opening the shipment, CBP officers found the package to contain a human brain specimen inside of a clear glass mason jar without any paperwork or documentation in support of its lawful entry into the United States.

The shipment which originated in Toronto, Canada was destined for Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Individuals looking to import shipments such as this, need to remember that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a strict Import Permit Program that must be adhered to,” said Area Port Director Michael Fox. “This is just another great example of just one of the many things CBP officers do to protect our nation on a daily basis.”

 CBP Agriculture Specialists in Port Huron are currently in contact with the CDC regarding the brain specimen pursuant to 42 CFR 71.54, import regulations for infectious biological agents, infectious substances, and vectors for final disposition of the specimen.

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